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Satellite Meeting

Neuroscan will hold a two day CURRY workshop directly prior to the HFO meeting. For those participants of the HFO meeting which would like to just get a quick introduction into CURRY there will also be a two hour session free of charge on the 10th of March.

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Curry Workshop


Thursday, March 10 2016

10:00 - 12:00: CURRY software presentation w/ clinical aspects

10:00 - 11.00: (M. Fuchs) CURRY EEG and MEG data review, manual spike marking, automated detection by template matching, averaging, dipole cluster analysis. Image data processing, coregistration of MRI and CT, ECoG electrode localization, SEEG data processing.

11:00 - 12:00: (S. Rampp) Clinical case studies, MEG / EEG data analysis and interpretation, spike detection, dipole and distributed source modeling. Invasive EEG electrode localization, analysis and interpretation, HFO examples, methods and pitfalls.